An Africa Jacket of My Very Own

12 02 2007

Hoorah! Woohoo! On Saturday, I completed an Africa Jacket for my very own use. If you recall, I made jackets for my nieces using some materials I bought while visitng Africa. They looked so cute that I determined to make one for myself. Plus, I decided it was another opportunity to work out the design kinks. Taylor taught me to widen the sleeves somewhat…the sleeves of sweatshirts taper off more significantly than a normal jacket. Plus, I wanted to experiement with lining to hid all the seems of the decorative stitching.
So I set to work, and voila! I now have my own lined jacket! I also set parameters for myself with this one. I decided not to splurge on additional trims, but to challenge my creativity a little more and use what I already had at home. Those little baubles add up even though a half yard here and a quarter yard there don’t seem like a lot when you’re asking the store clerk to measure it out.

But I must say, I’m pleased with the results. It’s not quite as dramatic as Devon’s and Taylor’s jackets, but it will do. Rather than lots of shiny gold trim, I used antique buttons to add some sparkle and texture. Plus, I wanted to create some kind of closure that wouldn’t involve making buttonholes. And, that turned out alright as well.

So I’m wearing my jacket now as I write. And I promise to add a photo asap.




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17 03 2007
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[…] my original post on this topic I promised to post photos. This is a jacket that I made using a sweatshirt, fabric […]

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