Soiree and the Feast

25 02 2007

I’m in the midst of another chapter in The Endless Feast with my friends, Frances and Grant. This is a big food weekend for Frances.  She hosted 2 back-to-back meals yesterday, beginning with an afternoon tea soiree for some of her medical students and office colleagues which was followed by “Open That Bottle” night where we opened a number of unique and exotic bottles of wine from Grant’s cellar.

I’ve known Frances and Grant since our sons attended the same in-home daycare when they were 2 years old. I called them initially because they were listed as a reference for the daycare provider. Grant answered the phone and the conversation began and never ceased.That was almost 15 years ago now.

 Soon after that conversation, The Endless Feast began. And that, too, hasn’t abated in all this time. We just love to experiment with all manner of ingredients and cuisines. But more on that in another post…back to this weekend’s chapter.

Yesterday’s tea menu was an assortment of hors d’oeuvres which included both savories and sweets.  The savory goodies included pan roasted lamb with peanut sauce, Indian-style potato samosas with apricot chutney, falafels, hummus with cucumbers. We indulged in cherry clafoutis, chocolate babka-like crescent things (very very sinful), and a cherry danish-like pastry. I supplied the walnut bread and the baguettes.

The conversation roamed from education topics to giving a frog a cesarian section to comparing recipe notes to a lively discussion on the politics of the Iraq War.  I have yet to have a dull conversation in that household.

Open That Bottle Night was extraordinary! Grant decided that we couldn’t open a bottle that was younger than 25 years old. We had 2 bottles of French bordeaux and 2 sweet wines for dessert — a spectacular 106-year old bottle of  Portuguese Moscatel de Setubal and an equally spectacular bottle of  Hungarian Tokay. As you may have guessed, I’m a huge fan of dessert wines of all sorts and can more easily recall details about these than about the dinner wines. But I promise to get details and update!

The meal was stunningly simple in comparison to the beverages. Frances braised bison short ribs which she served with sticky Thai rice and sauteed Chinese cabbages.

We took pictures which I’ll post  with more details as soon as I get a copy.

Update:  Here’s a photo of the bottles. As you can see the reds were bordeaux wines from  Chateau Le Gay and Chateau Cheval Blanc.

Open That Bottle Night Bottles




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26 02 2007

Wow – I’m now hungry and thirsty! Glad we got a chance to meet Francis & Grant at your place so now I can picture them when you talk of your ‘endless feasting’!

17 08 2007
My Home

Thanks for sharing this information. Really is pack with new knowledge. Keep them coming.

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