The Crack Cocaine of Baked Goods

28 02 2007

I heard this commentary about Girl Scout Cookies last night on NPR. It’s written and read by Marc Acito, author of ‘How I Paid for College: A Novel of Sex, Theft, Friendship & Musical Theater.’  I was hooked when I heard him say that Girl Scout Cookies are the “crack cocaine” of baked goods. If you eat the peanut butter Tagalongs like the folks in my household, you’ll identify immediately with that metaphor. We make Cookie Monster look finicky. If I don’t hide a box for myself, I’m not likely to get a taste at all.

 P.S. Scott, when you’re zipping through New Jersey next, do you think you can manage to drop off the TagAlongs before they get stale, or worse,  you eat them!




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16 03 2007
Hi I'm Denise and I'm Addicted to Tagalongs « No Guts, No Glory!

[…] in Vermont BEFORE the delivery. Woohoo!! I have them all to myself for the entire weekend…the “crack cocaine of baked goods” indeed! I AM […]

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