Start a Poetry Club

3 03 2007

Some friends are thinking of starting a poetry club. I composed this in honor of our first meeting tomorrow. 

To Start A Poetry Club

My, my! Goodness gracious!
How awfully audacious!
To start a poetry club!

But I think you are right.
It would so pass a night,
Far better than a bathtub.

Oh what fun, oh what fun
To make rhymes and a pun.
Our elbows, how they would rub!

We will laugh with much glee.
Our inhibitions will flee
As we let loose with some grub.

We’ll be aided of course,
If we drink like a horse.
Oh hell, who cares if we flub!

Well it sounds like a plan
To make rhymes while we can
And start a poetry club.




4 responses

3 03 2007

You are equally oh-so-talented with a pen, a pot & pan or a sewing machine … I loved your jacket that I got to see up close on Fri (really beautiful), I’ve savoured your venison (enjoyed!) and now I’ve been entertained by your poetry. Rock on Denise & Frances: poetry pals and feast fixers.

6 03 2007

Let’s hope ongoing rhymes
Will augur future good times.

21 10 2010

great stuff and great help

26 10 2011

What an absolute whiz……

Can we add on a quiz?

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