Closet Poets

5 03 2007

So we held our first official meeting yesterday of our new poetry club, and I’d call it an unqualified success! I must admit it was a little awkward at first. But, once we all gathered up the nerve to admit, albeit a little sheepishly, that we each liked poetry of one flavor or another, we were off and running.

Everyone brought a favorite poem.
Some brought two.
And after a little hem-hawing,
The verse well it flew.

So fast and furious were our comments,
We nearly turned blue.
So many fun and ponderable moments,
Who really knew?

Yes. We were 9 altogether and enjoyed classics and modern, well known and more obscure. I was both surprised and not surprised at the diverse set ot tastes. We were a diverse group of people. But we all shared a common thread.

We each enjoyed poetry but have never really spent a lot of time talking about the imagery, the construction, the rhythm, and how it makes us feel. So once we came “out of the closet” as it were about poetry, we really enjoyed ourselves.

 I’m looking forward to our next gathering.  




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