The Robins Are Back

16 03 2007

The robins are back although they look a little bewildered today. We’ve got a spring nor’easter brewing here in NJ…lots of sleet, snow, rain…general ick. And, only 2 days ago it was 70 degrees outside. Go figure.

 I ventured out earlier for a doctor appointment and noticed a plethora of robins in my neighborhood for the first time this spring. They were everywhere along the 2 mile drive to my appointment. I was amazed. I hadn’t noticed them earlier in the week.

  According to the Journey North robin migration site the robins have been back for at least a week and maybe longer. Poor little guys…not too many worms to be had with snow on the ground. What do robins do when it snows?

 I threw some sunflower seeds on the ground beneath my bird feeder this morning before much snow accumulated. The cardinals, sparrows and juncos have been flitting back and forth all day entertaining my cats. But I haven’t seen the robins in the backyard.




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