Paybacks are a Beatch

26 03 2007

Ugh! We’re having a bout of a nasty, nasty stomach bug here…well, so far, Ian is having a bout of it. But I think it’s all paybacks for him…seems that he and his buddies connived an extended visit on Saturday after their ultimate practice.

 Using a measure of teenage trickery and deceit…like when asked, “Where’s your dad?” He answers, “Uh, I don’t know. I think he’s at a party.” Or, “What time is your dad coming home?” “Uh, he’ll call me.” …Ian extended an hour or so visit into a 6-hour stay at his friend Wesley’s house. Like, “Ian are you moving in or what?”

 The bad news for Ian, is that Wesley’s mom was sick with a stomach bug last Thursday and Friday. So I’m guessing that he picked up that contagion while hanging out and now is paying the price.

Of course, ultimately, it’s mom who has the lucky chore of fetching this and that and cleaning up the puke and, likely, infecting herself in the process. Pee-yew..the stench of 10-hour partially digested pizza…it’s enough to make you gag even if you’re not feeling ill.

 Oh well, and if I get sick, I’m sure it’s payback for something silly I’ve done, too, and on and on…Hey whatever happened to “Pay It Forward?”




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