The Ultimate

22 04 2007

Oakwood Friends School Tournament Poughkeepsie NY   I found myself unexpectedly in Poughkeepsie, NY yesterday. What parents won’t do for their kids, right? My cell phone rang around 5 pm on Friday.

 “Mom, can you drive some of us to the JV ultimate tournament tomorrow?” said this urgent, I-need-an-answer-right-now-this-very-minute voice said to me. “Can we fit 3 kids in our car?”

Sure? No problem there Ian. All those “to-dos” on my list will still be there when I get home…where’s the shoemaker’s helper when you need him/her? And so, at 7:30 AM yesterday I find myself road-tripping to Poughkeepsie with 4 already sweaty teenage boys stuffed like sardines into my little Matrix.

 But it was a glorious spring day…warm, sunny, with a cool breeze. I was happy to let the “to-do’s” for another day. The kids played well, losing their first game by a nose and winning their third game handily.

This was actually my first tournament as a spectator, and it was fun. The game is fast paced as the kids race back and forth across the turf. What’s really cool, is that ultimate frisbee, at least at this level, is a game of honor…no referees, no umpires, no whistles, no over-stimulated ranting parents. The kids referee themselves and, surprisingly, very few disputes over calls or play behavior arose. The focus seemed to be on keeping the game moving and winning by simply outperforming the other team…very refreshing!

And, the day was not complete without a great picnic provided by Grace Pak!! How could we possible do anything without weaving it into The Endless Feast??? Thanks so much for the kimchee and the noodles and the red bean rice. It was delicious!

I’ve included a couple of photos from the game, but my camera is really not up to the challenge for landscape photos such as this.

WHRHS Ultimate JV Team




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