Celebrating the Journey

26 04 2007

The Endless Feast passed through Bernardsville, NJ last evening when a former co-worker and friend called me unexpectedly and suggested we meet for a drink. I like those kind of surprise calls especially since we’ve tried and failed to get together many, many times in the 3.5 years since we worked together. Either work or parenting or weather always got in the way.

But the stars and planets just aligned yesterday, and we had a great time catching up at the Bernards Inn. I haven’t been there in years. It’s still as upscale, old guard, and classic as ever although Mike says the restaurant interior has been completely re-done in the last 6 months. And, the service was exceptional.

 As you know, I have a “thing” for baking bread, and I must tell you that Mike and his wife Stephanie are the ones who inspired this hobby-now-turned-lifestyle. Five years ago they invited me to Thanksgiving dinner. I baked a loaf of bread for that occasion and have been baking bread almost every week ever since.

That first loaf, however, is nothing compared to what I bake today. My bread journey has taken me from that first dense loaf with an uninspiring crust to fabulous country-style sourdough breads with a thick flavorful crust and a moist yet airy crumb.

Thanks Mike for the inspiration and for such a delightful evening. I’ll be baking up some bread for you and Stephanie soon to celebrate the move to your new house!




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