April 28 Superstars

30 04 2007

So ok, I’ll admit it…Saturday, April 28 was my birthday. Those of you who have had the misfortune of asking me how old I am, you know what I always say, “I’m old enough to know better and too young to give it up just yet!” So you do the math…

I decided to see what sort of company I keep on such a momentous day. Here’s what I found. It’s an interesting list…from royalty, great leaders and politicians to an evil self-appointed dictator…a great engineer, a great author, great entertainers…and, I’m proud to say, some really gorgeous, smart, accomplished women!




2 responses

1 05 2007

You still look better than Jay Leno, but Penelope Cruz has you beat. I am ashamed of having forgotten your birthday, but it’s in the file with all the other dates I forget every year. We’ll celebrate your unbirthday instead. Date to be announced.

1 05 2007

Dear anony_mouse,

Hoorah for small miracles! I’m so happy to know that I STILL look better than Jay Leno…who knows one of these days I might wake up to find that he’s usurped my beauty title! We can only celebrate my unbirthday if we can also celebrate your unbirthday. In fact, I think we have more of your unbirthdays to celebrate than mine…so, perhaps, I should fire up the ol’ oven and start baking some unbirthday breads…

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