Horsing Around

30 04 2007

Ian is going horespacking for 10 days this summer with his Boy Scout troop at Philmont Scout Ranch in New Mexico. This looks to be one of the coolest adventure trips, and I am sooooo jealous. We thought both of us would go 2 years ago, when the trip was coed because the troop was partnering with a Venture Scout troop, the only coed youth program in the Boy Scouts of America. But Ian didn’t meet the age qualification, so we were shut out. This year, his troop is partnering with another boy scout troop, and they don’t need female chaperones. So Ian – lucky dog – is going, and I’m staying home.

In any event, they’ve begun training with horses to prepare for the trek. Sunday was the first training session. I’m chaperoning in order to learn as much as I can….because next time I’m going along!! And if not, I’m taking myself to a dude ranch or something.

Here are some photos from the Sunday session. We groomed and saddled Jersey, Cody, Diesel, and Chico. They were sooooo cool. I can understand why my friend Barbara rides regularly. I’m already looking forward to our next session.

Diesel is the painted quarter horse with blue eyes. Chico is the dark brown horse Diesel Chico

This is Molly, the crazy barn dog. She was a lot of fun, too. And posed beautifully for this photo…hot dog!





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30 04 2007

Horsepacking? Sounds fun!!

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