The Crow

2 05 2007

I caught Steve Martin’s appearance on Letterman last week and was very pleasantly surprised. He was there to help promote Tony Trischka’s new CD called Double Banjo Bluegrass Spectacular on which he performs a song with Trischka and Bela Fleck that he wrote called “The Crow.”

 I think of Steve Martin mostly for his comedic and movie talents, and I forgot that he played the banjo. But, dig deep enough in the memory banks and sooner or later a young Steve Martin comes into focus. He’s wearing a goofy arrow thing on his head and playing the banjo. He used to open for the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band back in the day.

Here’s the Letterman appearance. I’ve included 2 videos. The first one includes a very funny in-your-face moment where Letterman asks Martin if he’s ever played anything other than the banjo. The second is a high def version of the song. I was truly amazed. I hope you’ll enjoy it as much as I did.

This link takes you to the interview the trio did on NPR’s Weekend Edition Sunday back in January.




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