The Wild Trees: A Vertical Eden

10 05 2007

I just finished reading Richard Preston‘s new book The Wild Trees. I was so enthralled that I just have to pass it along. The Wild Trees is a true story of how scientists discovered the isolated biosphere suspended above the ground in the canopy of the giant redwoods on the US west coast. This self-contained ecosystem is home to trees, huckleberry bushes, mosses, and lichens that grow on the trunks and branches of the redwoods as if they were rooted in the earth. It’s a fascinating story, told by the author, who climbed over 350 feet into the trees to witness this lost world for himself.

 I listened to the audiobook read by the author. I had to look for reasons to be in the car just to finish the book. Check it out.




One response

1 12 2009
M. D. Vaden of Oregon

Its a good read second time through. My home page links to a redwood page with photos you might enjoy, with some of the trees the book mentioned. Then other resources from that redwood page provide even more albums and photos.


MDV / Oregon

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