Aunt Denise, There’s an Oreo on Your Head!

20 05 2007

Aunt Denise There’s a Cat on Your Head

Another jam-packed weekend now draws to a close and I’ve still got bread baking in the oven…never mind it’s only 10:40 pm on Sunday. The highlight this weekend was an overnight visit from my precocious, winsome, identical twin nieces.

Yesterday, we saw Aladdin at the Growing Stage in Netcong. This was an event we’ve been planning since last November. Everyone’s schedules are so crazy with practice here and there or special events here or there that it’s nearly impossible to be spontaneous.

My mom and her friend Marge accompanied us. We had a great day from start to end. The production was very entertaining — nothing like the Disney version–thank God! We really enjoyed the adaptation which employed a traveling troupe of Commedia Del’ Arte clowns who told the story of how Aladdin found the lamp that housed the genie and found his true love…sigh…happily ever after, indeed!

On the way home we stopped at the “Bridgewater Diner” aka Time To Eat Diner on Route 22 in Bridgewater. I haven’t been there since it was renovated…what a pleasant surprise!! It still has great inexpensive food of just about every sort your little heart desires…true “New Jersey” style cuisine!

 While we waited for our food to arrive, the girls stayed busy by drawing on the backs of their placemats. Here are two of their renditions. One is a horse that is the color of Spirit, the Stallion of Cimarron done my our very talented Ms. TAD.

Can you guess who is the main subject of the other drawn by Ms. DAD???? Hint: it’s not Oreo the cat (named so because of his chocolate cookie fur surrounding white cream markings.) Except for the teeth, it’s the best likeness of this person drawn by anyone ever…even better than most photographs in my opinion! I’m sure the hair and the earrings will be a dead giveaway. Check out the proportionate sizes of the eyes, nose, and mouth…did artist caricature the subject’s essence correctly?? Vote now, vote early, vote often!

 Thank you Devon and Taylor for a really fun weekend!!

Aunt Denise There’s a Cat on Your Head




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21 05 2007

Devon & Taylor are truly talented artists! Yes, it is a very close likeness of you, Denise. I guess that is your purple tongue in amongst those teeth (you really should brush & floss to maintain your teeth better). Were you eating a grape lollipop at the time that Orea was on your head? Good job girls!

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