You’re Such a “Not Waiting” Person!

27 05 2007

Out of the mouths of seven-year old babes…I was returning my lovely twin nieces to their parents last Sunday when a little argument erupted between them in the back seat. The DVD they were watching required someone to press a button for the interactive menu. Devon pressed the button, and apparently nothing happened because I heard her say, “I’m going to press it again.”

A moment later, I heard, “I guess I’ll try this one.”

At that point her sister reacted rather strongly, “Devon, you have to wait. You can’t just press buttons. You just have to wait.”

With no reply from the other seat and, apparently, more button pressing, Taylor’s frustration grew quickly, “Devvvon, you’re so un-patient. Ughh!! You’re such a ‘not waiting’ person!” 

 Wow, how insightful was that comment! Taylor both identified the behavior and labeled it precisely. It amazed me because it underscored how these identical twins are alike yet different.  And then I started thinking about whether I was a “waiting” or a “not waiting” person.  I’m not sure. I think I’m both, depending on what I have to wait for.

What are you — a “waiting” or a “not waiting” person and why?




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