Attention Jane-ites!

28 05 2007

All you Jane fans, listen up. says that Becoming Jane, the biographical movie about Jane Austen, opens in the U.S. on August 3. It opened in March in the U.K. and most of the viewer comments on IMDb are very positive. NPR movie critic Bob Mondello says it is “a picture filled with sense and sensibility, pride and prejudice and lots of invented biographical details.”

I know that not much is really known with certainty about Jane’s life, and as I understand it, this movie fills in the gaps with creative license. Here’s one reviewers words,

“From what I gather the movie was really meant to be an fictional intervention in her life devised from what was known of her. I thought Becoming Jane was funny, beautifully shot and it made me giddy with lust over McEvoy. I loved the sexual energy and meeting of the minds between the love interests. I saw quite a few parallels between this story and Jane’s novels. I really believe that Jane would absolutely adore this version, if not find it amusing how it was crafted.”

I’m eager to check it out. Just to whet your appetite I found the movie trailer on…




One response

29 05 2007

Aaah, seems very Jane-like. I will be sure to see it. Btw, I think Jane is a waiting person.

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