Stranded in Irving

28 06 2007

Well, here I am in Irving, Texas, more specifically Las Colinas, traveling on business and stranded by the floods. I had a hard time booking a flight into Dallas/Fort Worth last week…that should have been my first clue. Then, I was 5 hours delayed on the trip down. We sat on the tarmac for an hour after landing on Monday night. Finally someone had a “medical emergency” so American Airlines had to open up a gate for us…else I think we may still have been sitting there.

So here I am. I was booked on the first flight out this morning which would have landed me in Newark in plenty of time to get to Manhattan to wait on line for my tickets to see tonight’s taping of The Daily Show with Jon Stewart.  But no such luck…definite bummer!!!!!! I waited 5 months for these tickets.

Ah me, listen to me whining about my inconvenience while so many people here in Texas are losing their homes and their lives to this horrid rain. I tried to while away my time last night at the Grapevine Mills outlet center…but the rain even marred that shopping experience. More than half of the store lost power and had to close. Now part of the interstate that I traveled to get to the mall is flooded and closed. And, the weather forecast is predicting rain for the foreseeable future down here.

Just awful! But I’ll be back home soon enough…I hope…


Hot Wheels

15 06 2007

I finally caught up with my friend Marianne tonight. We have a standing appointment to meet for dinner usually in Montclair on a Friday evening. But on most nights, one or the other of us cancels. So it often winds up being weeks and, in this case, months since we’ve seen each other.

But tonight’s dinner was more fun than our usual existential musings on the ironies of life…often a rehash on If Life Is a Bowl of Cherries What Am I Doing in the Pits? I’m amazed, sometimes, how just when we each think our experiences have reached maximum outrageousness, the other has just encountered an event that makes anything prior seem like a child’s play.

But tonight was indeed special…Marianne had just picked up brand new wheels only hours before meeting me….and CHECK IT OUT…BMW (sorry, I can’t remember the number) convertible….way, way, way cool!

Never mind the fact that it took the two of us (with more years of education than I’d care to admit) more than 20 minutes to figure out how to open the convertible top. There we were, reading the user manual…my technical writer friends would have been sooooo proud. But for shame to my usability counterparts at BMW…get a better indicator and don’t bury the meaning of the LEDs in an obsure part of the damn manual….don’t you KNOW that the first thing a new owner of such a car is going to do is put the top down!!! Make that one operation a 1 page quickstart manual….geesh!

Anyway, here are the pics! Marianne I can’t wait to go cruising this summer…!!!!

P.S. Thanks so much for the cool birthday presents! I love the circle of life!

Boyz and Their Toyz

14 06 2007

Boyz and Toyz

Yes, boys love their toys…and this is our latest toy. Ian was out there tonight giving our new trimmer it’s first full workout! It’s so exciting…now my lawn, too, can have that professional manicured look…sort of.

Ian! Ian! There’s a Cat on Your Head!

10 06 2007

Ian and Cat

As promised I have more from our King Tut adventure. In the evening after Tut and swimming we all headed off to a restaurant for a fine family feast. While we waited for our food, Devon was more than happy to oblige me with more of her artwork. Here is a companion to the Aunt Denise, There’s an Oreo on Your Head! piece that she did for me a few weeks ago.

 In this lovely portait, we see Ian with an unspecified cat on his head. We know right away that this is Ian because of the hair which is a very accurate representation of the actual long wavy locks. Also, notice the angry eyes…I suppose anyone would have angry eyes if you had cat claws in your scalp. I think Ian must have gotten a little too much sun that day because his lips are bright red.

Now just to clarify things, the artist specifically said as she was presenting this picture to the table that the hand gesture is Ian scolding the naughty cat by shaking his index finger at it. Don’t read anything more into it beyond that.

One thing that I’m not sure about, though, is the 2 black bulbous things just by Ian’s shoulders. Hmmm…what could they be…shoulder pads, necklace, bandana…? Well, I guess every artist likes to keep her audience guessing.

Fun Fun Fun

8 06 2007

Here’s a slide show from last Saturday…just a glimpse at some of the fun

Funky Tut

8 06 2007


It’s been a hectic week…apologies to my loyal fan base (you KNOW who you are) for not publishing this sooner. 

 Last Saturday, Ian and I had a fabulous day in Philadelphia! My brother Scott, his wife Debbie and their two adorable twins, Devon and Taylor, treated us and Ian’s girlfriend Julie to a visit to the Tutankhamun exhibit at the Franklin Institute.

The exhibit was nothing short of spectacular…truly amazing artifacts! This is a MUST-SEE for anyone who can get there.

I have much more to say about Saturday, but not enough time at the moment, except to present the Egyptian Cat Queens. I think the update to the Tut headpiece is very fetching…too bad ol’ Tut didn’t think of that himself. Even Steve Martin didn’t come close with such touches back in the day when he was doing his Funky Tut routine…that video is below.

Egyptian Cat Queens

The Making Of…

1 06 2007

 Congratulations to Jake, emerging film producer,  on this very clever and funny movie short. As you may know by now if you’ve been following my ramblings, Jacob is Ian’s long-time friend and son of Frances and Grant, my Endless Feast and travel companions. 

This little gem is Jake’s final project for a class on film production at the high school and, in my opinion, his best movie. I was recruited as moral support for an earlier production staged on the streets of Somerville that involved a drive-by shooting and many “actors.” For that one, Frances even had to deal with the police to close the street where they were filming and to ensure that none of the kids would be arrested for sporting fake guns.

So in contrast, this movie is a no-hassle, high impact production. I think you’ll enjoy it.