Ian! Ian! There’s a Cat on Your Head!

10 06 2007

Ian and Cat

As promised I have more from our King Tut adventure. In the evening after Tut and swimming we all headed off to a restaurant for a fine family feast. While we waited for our food, Devon was more than happy to oblige me with more of her artwork. Here is a companion to the Aunt Denise, There’s an Oreo on Your Head! piece that she did for me a few weeks ago.

 In this lovely portait, we see Ian with an unspecified cat on his head. We know right away that this is Ian because of the hair which is a very accurate representation of the actual long wavy locks. Also, notice the angry eyes…I suppose anyone would have angry eyes if you had cat claws in your scalp. I think Ian must have gotten a little too much sun that day because his lips are bright red.

Now just to clarify things, the artist specifically said as she was presenting this picture to the table that the hand gesture is Ian scolding the naughty cat by shaking his index finger at it. Don’t read anything more into it beyond that.

One thing that I’m not sure about, though, is the 2 black bulbous things just by Ian’s shoulders. Hmmm…what could they be…shoulder pads, necklace, bandana…? Well, I guess every artist likes to keep her audience guessing.




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26 08 2007


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