The After Shot

31 07 2007

I promised in my Nose Job post, to show you an after shot of the new nose…so here you go. This photo was taken of the “Skipper” on Saturday as we sped back and forth across the Delaware tubing and water skiing (more on that in another post.) What a handsome dude even if he is my own brother…I’d say it’s a nose job well done in more ways than one as I found out later over dinner…something about how he no longer gulps in air while he eats…which turns out to be mutually beneficial for close friends and family. Let’s just say he no longer bears any resemblance to a blast-ended skrewt. Hoorah for us!!!

The Skipper


Geoduck Update

25 07 2007

After I published my last post, it occurred to me to see if there was a clip of Mike Rowe from the Geoduck Farmer episode…and there is!! Check it out…it’s hilarious.

Geoduck Anyone?

24 07 2007

Behold the geoduck (pronounced “gooey duck”)…


I am NOT kidding. It’s a very large clam native to Pacific coastal areas in Washington, Alaska and British Columbia. It’s farmed and harvested as a sashimi delicacy. Ian and I discovered it tonight while watching a rerun of Dirty Jobs.

This had to be one of the funniest segments Mike Rowe has ever done. He shadows the geoduck lifespan from spawning to harvesting to eating. The sexual innuendos are hilarious. 

“Is that a geoduck in your pocket or are you just glad sashimi?”

If you have a DVR, start recording Dirty Jobs reruns. Look for the episode entitled “Geoduck Farmer” which aired originally on July 18, 2006.

Proud Owner

21 07 2007

Well, I waded my way through the sea of Potter fans at the Border’s store in Bridgewater and am now the proud owner of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. I got home and could not resist reading the first chapter. I’m sure this book will not disappoint.

I must admit I picked up my wrist band this morning to secure my place in line at midnight with some indifference.  After all, this is just a book. But tonight, when I arrived on line and began talking to the woman ahead of me, she did remark that this is something of an historic event. And I guess that is indeed true. She went on to say that it’s nice to be part of a good historic event rather than some of the more tragic historic events we’ve all witnessed in the last 6 years. And, I admit, that is indeed true as well.

And so, here I am, with my poster and my new book…well, really, they are for Ian. He gets first dibs tomorrow when he arrives home after being in the woods for the last 4 weeks. I’m eager for him to return. I’m curious to see how much he’s grown in that time if that is possible.

Too bad, I must get up early to pick him up…otherwise I might stay up reading…

Another Glamorous Birthday Girl!

19 07 2007

Today is yet another special day. My good friend and co-worker “Kinnelon Cathy” turns 29 AGAIN! Woohoo. Time to celebrate girl! So here’s a little slideshow tribute to Cathy and the company she keeps on this day including a couple of the notable events that have occurred on this day in history.

BTW, I need to apologize up front. Again I was caught without a great photo of my friend.

Happy Birthday Debbie

17 07 2007

So today is no ordinary day. It is my sister-in-law Debbie’s birthday. Now my brother began this little tradition whereby he calls us on our birthdays and has his lovely twins serenade us as a special treat.

Here’s how it typically goes. Happy Birthday to you. Happy Birthday to you. You look like a monkey and you are one, too. <giggle, giggle> I love you Aunt Denise. Bye….dial tone…

 But since I can’t sing to save my life, I decided to do a different kind of tribute. Here is the company that you keep, Debbie. Some pretty swanky famous people share your day. There were others like John Jacob Astor, richest man in America in his day and Alexander Baumgartner, a German philosopher and educator, Mark Burnett, prpducer of Survivor and The Apprentice, and Phoebe Snow, R&B vocalist,  But their faces are not as recognizable.

I apologize in advance for not having a more glamorous photo of you on hand. But if I had waited until I had time to scan in or locate a nicer one, you wouldn’t be receiving this tribute until Christmas.

Next time we’re together, I’ll take some nicely posed shots so that I have an inventory should I need it on short notice.

I hope you had a very Happy Birthday!!!

Where Have the Green Snakes Gone?

16 07 2007

To address the question left by anonymou_s in my last post, “where have all the green snakes gone,” I give you this story.

 Shortly after Dad bought The Farmhouse, we began our vacation and weekend pilgrimmages to help him make the place habitable. On one summer weekend, my ex-husband and I were replacing floor boards in the living room or mucking about in newly poured cement on the basement floor or driving nails into new roof shingles or some such activity. At the end of the day we took turns slaking away the grime that had begun to tatoo our skin.

That day, my ex was on deck first for the shower while the rest of us sat outside in the shade sipping Black and Tans. Our beer cans were still sweating when we heard howling from the bowels of the house. Rushing inside, we saw poor Charlie standing naked in the bathtub with 2 5-foot green snakes slithering about on the bathroom floor.

It seems the snakes had set up housekeeping beneath the bathtub and became belligerant when Charlie began disturbing the peace with running water. Wanting a closer look at the perpetrator, they made their grand entrance or, rather, their desparate getaway.  You might also experience an uncontrollable urge to flee the scene too if you witnessed what those two snakes did that night…if my memory serves me, my ex is not a pretty sight when he’s grungy and sweaty…oh, and nude.

 And so, the snakes were neither seen nor heard from again after that night.