The Cousins In Law

9 07 2007

Sorry, I’ve been delinquent about writing to the point where if someone was really looking they’d think I’m still stranded in Irving…but I’m not.  I did manage to make it home from Irving despite having 2 different flights to Newark cancelled. I managed to get a standby seat on the last flight out to Philadelphia which was delayed but landed at 4:30 am (yes in the morning – it was still dark) on Friday, June 29. Then I rented a car and drove back to Newark to pick up my car.

I had another whirlwind weekend and finally managed to pack up and ship out to Pennsylvania for a nice Fourth of July visit to God’s Country where for much of the time I was happily out of cell phone range! The Cousins, the cousin-in-law, and I enjoyed a fun-filled, wine-drinking, card-playing 5-day visit. 

 We all trekked to Coudersport, PA in beautiful Potter County where my parents have some property and a charming recreational home with nary a straight corner anywhere which we call “The Farmhouse.” The best part is that it is pretty much in the middle of nowhere – the perfect setting for a little escape.

 The Cousins include my mom and usually five of her first and second cousins who are certainly old enough to know better but definitely too young to give it up just yet!! They reconnected a couple of years ago after several of them lost their husbands and have been getting together on a regular basis for social recreation. The cousin-in-law is my dad. He coined this term for himself this weekend, being the odd man out in this gaggle of women.

We had a great time, drank lots of red wine (to stave off heart disease), ate lots of home-cooked food (to ensure a healthy diet) and played lots of pinocle – a card game that can get rather raucous when the players are drinking wine. The weather was glorious – warm days and cool nights. And, my dad and I did manage to slip away for 3 rounds of golf.

 Here’s a photo of The Cousin-in-Law and The Cousins – from left to right, Stan and Sally (my parents), Carolyn, Jean and Paulette.

The Cousins




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