Meet Hot Lips Hilda

12 07 2007

Hot Lips Hilda

This is Hot Lips Hilda, now a family memorial of sorts. If you recall, my grandmother passed in January. Her name was Hilda.

 A few weeks ago I was doing a google image search on something that somehow included the words hot lips…don’t ask, don’t tell. Honestly, I can’t remember what on earth I was looking for because in my search Hot Lips  Hilda appeared. I was immediately distracted.

I took one look at her and knew I had to have her. So,  in an odd memorial to my grandmother I purchased her and tucked her away on the “gift shelf” that I keep in one of my closets for things that I buy throughout the year knowing that they are the “perfect” gift for someone. There they wait patiently until the time is just right.

Last week, Hilda accompanied me on my long journey to the Farmhouse where I proudly presented her as a little house gift to my Dad. Of course with The Cousins spectating, we all had a good laugh. You have to admit Hilda makes an immediate impression, does she not?

Dad promptly filled her with birdseed and hung her up among the leaves to see if the birds would come calling. And one did. Notice the little woodpecker hanging out on the branch above her head. He was so distracted that he let me get within 10 feet so that I could snap this shot.

And so she hangs out with the birds and the squirrels (and the occasional bear) providing company and sustenance…a memorial with a sense of humor…




One response

17 07 2007

I love Hot Lips Hilda! She looks like she could be a member of the B-52s! Good find!

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