Potter County, Pa

15 07 2007


If you were wondering about this “Farmhouse” that I keep talking about, here are some photos. Much to Mom’s consternation, Dad made the gutsy move of buying this property almost 20 years ago.

It’s located just west of the main street of Coudersport, Pa (former home of the now infamous Adelphia Communications.) The tract is over 100 acres of mostly forested land situated on a little bump of mountain just like the one behind the house in the photo although Dad’s mountain is to the north out of view behind the photographer.

The Allegheny River borders the property to the south.  Between the river and the house are 4 acres of fertile farmland. We all smirked some years ago when Dad bought himself a John Deere and began plowing and planting corn. But, it attracts wildlife and fuels the local ecosystem. We’ve enjoyed watching the deer, bear, turkey and foxes among other animals that are drawn to the fruits of the field.

Three years ago Dad dug out the pond to collect the spring water that flows off his mountain behind the house. The landscaping is still a bit green, but it’s filled out nicely and is now home to a number of trout that Dad stocked last year.

The Pond

The farmhouse is a curious amalgamation of Dad’s handiwork – a tapestry of projects woven expertly together. Twenty years ago it was so fragile and dilapidated that the big bad wolf might have blown it down in one mighty puff. A heap of rotting wood, crooked corners, leaky roof, uninsulated floors, creaky stairs, and disfunctionaly plumbing was inhabited mostly by green snakes, mice and squirrels. But bit by bit Dad tranformed it into a tidy, rustic 5-bedroom mansion.

Now it’s a comfortable quiet retreat that invites repose. Doing nothing once you’re there is exactly the point although we usually manage to keep busy enough – hiking up the mountain, golfing, cooking, baking and eating, playing cards, driving quad bikes, antiquing, skiing.

Dad spends almost half his time there now that he’s retired. Every inch of the place proudly reflects his personal touch. I only wish I could get away there more often.




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15 07 2007

So where have all the green snakes gone?

16 07 2007
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