Where Have the Green Snakes Gone?

16 07 2007

To address the question left by anonymou_s in my last post, “where have all the green snakes gone,” I give you this story.

 Shortly after Dad bought The Farmhouse, we began our vacation and weekend pilgrimmages to help him make the place habitable. On one summer weekend, my ex-husband and I were replacing floor boards in the living room or mucking about in newly poured cement on the basement floor or driving nails into new roof shingles or some such activity. At the end of the day we took turns slaking away the grime that had begun to tatoo our skin.

That day, my ex was on deck first for the shower while the rest of us sat outside in the shade sipping Black and Tans. Our beer cans were still sweating when we heard howling from the bowels of the house. Rushing inside, we saw poor Charlie standing naked in the bathtub with 2 5-foot green snakes slithering about on the bathroom floor.

It seems the snakes had set up housekeeping beneath the bathtub and became belligerant when Charlie began disturbing the peace with running water. Wanting a closer look at the perpetrator, they made their grand entrance or, rather, their desparate getaway.  You might also experience an uncontrollable urge to flee the scene too if you witnessed what those two snakes did that night…if my memory serves me, my ex is not a pretty sight when he’s grungy and sweaty…oh, and nude.

 And so, the snakes were neither seen nor heard from again after that night.




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17 07 2007

Now, now.

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