Another Glamorous Birthday Girl!

19 07 2007

Today is yet another special day. My good friend and co-worker “Kinnelon Cathy” turns 29 AGAIN! Woohoo. Time to celebrate girl! So here’s a little slideshow tribute to Cathy and the company she keeps on this day including a couple of the notable events that have occurred on this day in history.

BTW, I need to apologize up front. Again I was caught without a great photo of my friend.




3 responses

20 07 2007

Love the slide!
Ah Frankie, what a doll..

22 07 2007

Wow – you are so creative. Love it … and with music! One of the highlights of my birthday this year was my Adieu/Birthday Lunch that you organized with our colleagues. Thanks so much! Well, I’ve got to go “party up” … !!!

22 07 2007

Weird … just blog readin’ around tonight and see that dooce has the same birthday as me (and Degas). Go figure.

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