This Day in History

15 08 2007

This day in history, some years ago now, although admittedly not as many years ago as I and, therefore, I won’t say exactly which year, my little brother was born. I remember the events clearly. Mom told me the night before that I had to sleep over at my grandparent’s house. And the next morning, Dad was on the phone telling me I had a little brother.

I remember running all over the neighborhood telling people that I had a new little brother named Scott Stanley. I think he weighed in close to 8 pounds…but numbers really aren’t my strong suit. More to the point, he wasn’t exactly the littlest thing to pop out of a mother’s womb. But to me, as tall as he now is,  he is still my little brother.

It was very exciting news for a 9-year old. I remember later in September at my first show-and-tell event for the fourth grade, I brought in Scott’s hospital photo and informed my new classmates of the news as well.

 I also remember debating with my parents prior to this glorious day about his name. I argued exhaustively for Glen, but was ultimatly out-voted or over-ruled. Scott it was. But it was just as well, since Scott soon became “Scooter,” a cute endearment for a white-blonde, energetic boy who wore a helmet while zooming down the driveway on his little plastic red motorcycle. At the very last minute, he’d jam his usually bare foot out and spin off on the grass just short of the roadway. Later, he upgraded to his “Big Wheel” tricycle and repeated the same trick, his own sound effects reverberating across the neighborhood…”Vroom, vroom , vroom — errrrrhhhtttt.”

Since I have many of the family photos, I decided to commemorate this event with a slideshow of Scott as he’s grown through the years. Pay attention Devon and Taylor aka “Scott, Jr.” Do you see yourself in any of those photos?





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