On Turning 16

19 09 2007

ian.jpgIan and GrammyIan’s 16th

Ok. So here’s the real reason behind my back-blog…I think. I’ve been in such denial because I can’t bear the thought that my “little” boy is growing up. He turned 16 on August 25. And I couldn’t bring myself to write another post about a subsequent happening until I had first addressed this topic. But, alas, no guts, no glory…you have to face your fears sometime, eh?

Where, O where, has all the time gone?? My baby – ready to drive a car? My baby -now 6′ 1″ tall? My baby – having an adult conversation with me? My baby – taking control of his own life?

 How scary is that for a parent? As much as I look forward to the days when my parental duties wind down and I no longer have to plan my schedule around drop-offs and pick-ups, practices here and sleepovers there, and the mom-what-can-I-have-to-eat-NOW? demands in the middle of a conference call for work, as much as I look forward to no longer scurrying around in the morning two minutes before the bus arrives searching for missing cleats or fishing through my purse for lunch money or printing out homework assignments, as much as I look forward to quiet days where nothing gets lost under the mound of school papers and I can plan my days according to my needs and wants, as much as I look forward to all of that — I know that I’ll miss it, too.

A strange comfort arises in knowing that someone depends on you even when that responsibility feels like an overwhelming burden at times. And, an empty space opens up like an all-encompassing sinkhole when you realize that the someone doesn’t really need you any more…at least not in that way.

And so, life goes on. The parent-child relationship morphs and redefines itself into its next phase. Where one chapter ends, a new one begins.

Anyway, enough philosophy for one post. Can you tell that Ian turning 16 was far more momentous for me than it was for him? I think it was worse than if I had reached amy own “milestone” birthday.

Nonetheless, we did manage to celebrate! These photos were taken at a modest birthday feast with my parents in attendance. Ian requested strawberry rhubarb pie instead of birthday cake, which Grammy provided. I supplied the beer can chicken…yumm!




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