69 Is the New 49!

25 09 2007

Happy 69th

They say 69 is the new 49…and here’s proof! On Sunday, September 23, Mom turned 69 years old. To celebrate, the Cousins and I covertly organized a surprise party. I figured we’d have an easier time pulling the wool over her eyes. Alas, she says she thought something was “up” when no one was able to make themselves available for her birthday and when the Cousins decided to meet on a Sunday to play pinochle instead of their usual Saturday. Then, again, I don’t think she suspected quite the party that we did manage to put together.

 Cousin Carolyn graciously and generously opened up her house to us and provided the halupki feast. Cousin Paulette organized the oldies trivia games and a tasty sausage dish. Cousins Erma, Jean, and LaRue provided home cooked dishes.

Many people brought gag gifts…some were quite funny although I was busy tending to food details to be catch too many details.

We had lovely weather and a fun time to match.  


Oh! The magic,
Oh! The joy,
Of that number. How cute! How coy!

She’ll never guess.
She’ll never know.
What will our sneaky scheme bestow?

Bring your spirit.
Bring your cheer.
Bring a gag gift if you’ve no fear.

Nothing fancy!
Nothing frilly!
We’ll laugh and giggle ’til we’re silly.

Now, keep it quiet.
Keep it mum.
She’ll be 69 for years to come!

Party Crowd 1Party Crowd 2




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