9 10 2007

Bouleversement…this was’s word of the day a week ago today, October 1. I wanted to blog about it when I saw it but had to jump on a plane to Dallas…again. However, now that we’ve got an trifecta of bouleversements, I have to speak out.

 Bouleversement is a noun of French origin that means, to quote, “complete overthrow; a reversal; a turning upside down.” Last Monday morning at 5 am I thought either someone at has a sense of humor, or someone is grieving deeply, or someone is a Yankees or a Phillies fan and laughing his/her butt off.  That this should be the word of the day the morning after New York’s “Amazing” Mets’ complete crash and burn is too ironic to be mere coincidence.

Ok, I thought, we can still cheer on the Phillies and the Yanks, right? Ha! That’s where the trifecta comes in. Sadly, after snatching the division title, the Phils were swept in 3 games in their playoff series. And, even though the Yanks managed to win one game against the Indians, which, I suppose, lifts their performance out of range of a bouleversement, the 3 games they lost were just uninspired. So, I’m counting it anyway.

There is no joy in Mudville, at least not in the New York or Philadelphia metro areas.




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