May Need Remedial Training

16 10 2007

One of my friends posted on my Facebook wall this afternoon “im trying to get the hang of this. May need remedial training.” (I’m leaving the typos in there intentionally to emphasize the “remedial” point.) Another of my friends blogged about her recent Facebook experience…she wasn’t impressed as you can read.

 Of course, we’re all in the “over 40” crowd and growing older. But, we are technically savvy. We work in the high tech industry. We use computers everyday to email, text, IM, and surf. So what’s the deal? What is so compelling for teenagers and college students that is not compelling for us golden oldies?

My teenager is constantly on Facebook. He uses it as a communications tool, although how much he could possibly have to say to anyone that he hasn’t already said in the 500+ text messages per month that he manages to send on his wireless phone?

If only he’d communicate as freely with me. Our conversations are like surfing the Web using a dial up connection. I “download” complex compound questions and he “uploads” monosyllabic answers…go figure.

This leads me to ponder another mystery about my teenager. How is it that he can master the latest computing and personal electronics technology but still can’t manage to operate the washing machine or the dishwasher? Last time I looked that technology was at least 20 years old. Happily, he seems to have added the toaster oven and the microwave to his operational repertoire. At least I know that he won’t starve even if his dishes and his clothing are dirty. (Am I right, people?)

Yes, may need remedial training, indeed.




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