It Takes Guts to be a Kidney Donor

17 10 2007

Barbara Buda

It takes guts to be a kidney donor, but my friend Barbara did it. Last week she underwent surgery in Connecticut to donate one of her healthy kidneys to her brother Ken who suffers from a degenerative kidney disease.

Now she’s home resting and recuperating as is her brother. Both surgeries went smoothly. Both patients seem to be faring very well all things considered.

 Barb, Ken, and Barb’s husband Pete are active participants in the Endless Feast. They are each excellent cooks in their own right. Pete, a hunter, is a master on the grill and introduced me to beer can chicken and deep fried turkey. Barb makes fabulous salads and mojitos and presented me with a very mysterious sauerkraut soup that is a family tradition on Christmas. Ken makes amazing pierogies. We had an informal pierogie cook-off a while ago. He even shared his recipe.

 I’m so happy and relieved that things have gone well. And, I can’t wait to resume the Endless Feast…the cookie baking season is not that far off!




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15 11 2007
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[…] may recall my previous post about Barb. About 4 weeks ago, she heroically donated one of her kidneys to her brother who was suffering from […]

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