Blast from the Past

29 10 2007

I was having an IM conversation tonight with a friend of comparable years of “life experience.” I mentioned Galveston in the conversation which segued to Glenn Campbell who sang the song about Galveston which somehow strangely segued to Leavin’ on a Jet Plane. We pondered for a moment about who sang that song. As our memories failed us, I googled it. That sequed us to John Denver who wrote the song which then segued me to YouTube to see some footage. That segued me way, way back to my childhood crush who looked like a short-haired version of John Denver.

I fell “in love” on the first day of kindergarten with my underwear showing (hey, at least I was wearing underwear and not pulling a “Britney”!) as I almost crawled onto the school bus. It had stopped over a little water gully by the front walkway. The gap between the cement stoop and the first step was such a “great divide” to my little legs that my skirt slid up as I stretched my legs into a near split to bridge it.

Somehow, I’ve always remembered that moment, the first time ever I boarded the school bus. He was already in the front seat shy and reserved sitting next to “Kimmy Kim Kurls” who was so eager to meet new friends that she moved to the top of the steps to greet me.

We journeyed through 13 years of school together often sitting side-by-side because his last name began with C and mine with D. We were study buddies, lab partners, and afterschool club mates. But, sadly, we never dated….sigh. I guess neither one of us had the guts to ask…at least I know I didn’t. And you know what I say…no guts, no glory!

And now for your nostalgic enjoyment, here are a few Leavin’ on a Jet Plane videos.  There are videos of John Denver singing solo, but I think he’s cutest on this one.

 And this one’s just cute…




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