Melonie Marano Is The Best Choice

1 11 2007

I don’t often jump into the political fray, but if you live in Somerset County, NJ, take note now. Melonie Marano is running for county freeholder, and I’m recommending that you vote for her on November 6.

I’ve known Melonie since 2004 when I became actively involved with the Green Brook Education Foundation. Those years I led the foundation board were far from easy. We faced a seemingly uphill battle to force the synapses in the wizened brains of long time township residents to connect in new ways and to take a fresh look at how to raise money for our schools.

Fundraising for even the noblest cause is never a cakewalk, at least not in the beginning.  Establishing credibility for a new organization, educating the population on a new concept, garnering involvment for new activities, using only the meager resources of a few diehard, but already overloaded volunteers, takes guts, a thick skin and a boat-load of energy, even if the money raised in the process has an immediate and visible impact on the local community with little-to-no overhead. 

 Melonie, however, responded with her characteristic generosity of spirit and unwavering support. She was ever present at golf outings, galas, 5K runs, performing arts productions, pitching in as needed in whatever capacity was needed. But most importantly, Melonie grasped the significance of the foundation’s cause and became an advocate, a cheerleader, and a friend.

I’ve since stood side-by-side with Mel and her family as we manhandled the stuffing into pierogies at the St. Nicholas Church, observing how her affable demeanor and reassuring smile just naturally bring people together. I’ve watched her fight her own uphill battle as the lone Democrat on the Green Brook township committee, daring to buck the status quo to champion change and reform. 

More than any other elected township official, Melonie has fostered a sense of real community in our town. Through her unflagging efforts she revived the Cultural, Heritage and Historic Preservation Committee, led us in a celebration of our humble past, secured an historic house for our future, and reminded us to stand tall and take pride in the place that our kids will call their hometown.

No matter your political leanings, make your choice for Melonie Marano, the candidate who is most apt and best suited to fill the role of freeholder for our county, the candidate whose every action effects change, the candidate who cares most about you.

Read more about what Melonie has to say here.




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