6 11 2007

Devon & Taylor Tigresses

On this day in 1999, my favorite cat nieces entered my world. Eager as they were to begin their new journey, they refused to wait one minute longer despite their mother and father’s consternation. We’ve all been running to keep up with them ever since.

I theorize that they may be reincarnated from a previous life as lithe, sleek cats, so much do they love, love, love kitties of all kinds. Here they are in their Halloween costumes…tigresses for peace, of course! That’s Devon on the left and Taylor on the right.

Happy Birthday, my pretty kitties!




3 responses

8 11 2007

They are adorable, beautiful kitties! Happy Birthday to both!

13 11 2007

Just realized … the music is gone. I used to have to race to lower the vol whenever I’d come to your site! Maybe next July 19th there’ll be a new tune?

16 11 2007
Great Party Cat Girls « No Guts, No Glory!

[…] told you about the birthday here. Well last Saturday was the big party at the playgym in Broomall, PA! This photo was taken at the […]

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