Great Party Cat Girls

16 11 2007

Cat Girls

I told you about the birthday here. Well last Saturday was the big party at the playgym in Broomall, PA! This photo was taken at the party after the party. As you can see, we were having SOME fun! Me and the Pretty Kitties with their ever-present cat ears and the real kitty, Samson, posed for the camera.

Sammy is a truly extroverted cat who doesn’t like to miss a thing, anything, ever…no matter how much he is manhandled…and the girls love to jostle him about. Sammy has a sister Ellie, who is quite the introverted cat. We saw hide nor hair of her the whole time we visited.

This weekend, Aunt Denise, is hosting an additional birthday sleepover at her house. Yes, it’s very important to celebrate your birthday for AT LEAST a month! As I write, the Kitties are upstairs asleep with their cat ears atop their heads. Really, how could one possible sleep without them??

 We have tickets to see The Grinch tomorrow in NYC. But, alas, I think the stagehands and theatre producers have thwarted our fun…those grinches!!! We just might end up seeing Bee Movie instead…bzzzz.




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