Rant about Panasonic

28 11 2007

Sorry to do this, but I can’t believe the stupidity!! I hate it when companies leave customer service to machines who can’t think or adjust to real-life situations. These automated systems are intended to speed things along, but frequently wind up slowing things down and exacerbating an already frustrating situation for the customer. And, being a usability analyst, it’s really annoying when their Web sites and their processes omit minor details…like the correct phone number or a precise instruction!


 I am fortunate enough to work for a corporation that allows me access to several employee purchase programs for partner companies. A while back, I set up such an account at the Panasonic Purchase Program site. Today, for kicks, I decided to check in to see what sort of specials they might be lining up for the holidays.

 Murphy was working against me because when I tried to log in, I mis-keyed and/or forgot my password, tried to recover it via their automated password recovery link, and somehow wound up very quickly  temporarily disabling my account. Ok. Fine…annoying but I can deal.

As you can see from the picture, the Web site instructed me to call the “Panasonic Sales Support Center.” After a minute or two of confusion I assumed that the number given previously for Customer Service was the number to call since there was no other contact info available anywhere else on the site.

I call the 800 number and begin speaking with a voice that announced that it was an automated assistant and that I could speak naturally. It asked me what I wanted to do, and I said, “Panasonic Sales Support Center.”

The courteous automated assistant then transfered me to a tech support center where the live person asked me for the model number of my phone…what???? When I explained what I wanted, she told me that I had been transferred to the wrong department and that I needed to  speak to the sales support center. She said she could transfer me and then gave me the number in case we got disconnect. Of course, this number was the number that I originally dialed.  At least she was able to transfer me and save me the trouble of redialing.

 What I didn’t expect was to be transferred back to the automated assistant. That was annoying. I tried again to explain to the assistant what I needed and, finally, gave up and pressed 0. This time I got another live body who gave me a different toll-free number because I needed to speak with the password assistance center…what the heck?? Why wouldn’t that number be the one posted on the Web site in the first place???

 I call this number, no assistant! Hoorah! But, the live body that answered that phone then proceeded to take my information and tell me she didn’t have the authorization to reset my password on the spot. But, not to worry, an email would be set to me. Ok, great!!

 Here’s the catch. She said that there’s a 48-hour turnaround time for those emails…so sometime tomorrow or so, I should get a notice that my email is reset…DID THEY REALLY WANT ME TO BUY SOMETHING OR WHAT????????




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9 07 2009

I am facing exactly same problem plus I already order the product. But the confirmation email I received, shows me a different product all together. The email says – ” Please contact us if you have any questions”.
But there is no number except the support # which connects to technical rep and he/she does not have any idea. And I am not able to get my online account re-activated. Wanted to save some extra bucks but ended up in mess.

So just curious if you were able to get any solution for your problem. Also I would really appreciate if you have their sales support number.

Thanks !!!

16 07 2009
Caroline Hauge

ARGH!!!! I am suffering through EXACTLY the same thing!!! This is ridiculous!!! (but it’s heartening to know that I’m not alone?)…

16 07 2009

Contact this # 757-382-9600 / 253-395-0490. It’s a direct # to one of their sales support rep. Hope that would help..

15 01 2010
Mike O

looking to start a class action law suit vs panasonic support any one want to join me?

25 01 2012

I would. My 37″ HDTV died on me last week right before the playoffs. It has no power. So I sent a letter to Joseph M. Taylor
Executive Officer, Chairman of Panasonic Corporation of North America
Chief Executive Officer of Panasonic Corporation of North America
One Panasonic Way
Secaucus, NJ 07094
telling him that I’m tired of buying TV’s that can’t last any longer than a presidential term. So he had one of his flunkies call me offering to replace my TV. He called back to say that the TV I have is no longer in production until next year so the next one down sells for $450 retail and he could offer me $130 off of that price. So basically he’s offering me above wholesale price and then I’m stuck with another Panasonic that may or may not live past pre-school.

I just mailed out a SECOND REQUEST to all executive board members, VP of marketing and sales,…I counted 9 letters. So we’ll see what happens.

25 01 2012

Just another note….Panasonic could save alot of money by removing the customer service support department. They don’t help except to say, “We’re sorry for the inconvience.” Gone are the days when the customer was always right. I’m not saying that they should bow to all complaints but they don’t confront any. You can buy a Panasonic but beware…….you’re on your own from there.

They’re great with sales and marketing but they can’t back it up with customer service.

18 08 2010

haha, i placed an order with panasonic that was supposed to have $50 instant rebate at checkout” which i went through page after page and never saw it………finally got to the holy grail ”place order” button and the price was $50 higher than i was expecting. contacted them via email and they told me i’d have to call. i also got the pleasure of speaking to the ”automated assistant”. ”just tell me what you want to do.” so i say something. ”i don’t know what that is. you could try these 4 words”. but those weren’t what i wanted. so i stayed silent. she said ”you need to tell me what to do.” i tried 0. she said ”you need to tell me what to do”. so i picked one of them, and then explained to the person who answered the phone what i needed. at that point, they were very helpful.

25 01 2012

I have four words for them….oh…sorry. Four letter words like, FAIL, CRUM, DEAD (my TV is dead), POOR, RUDE, DIRE…..oh and the last one…DONE.

28 12 2012

I Agree with you 100%. I am stuck with a brand new TV (out of box) that does not work. Anyone wants a good dea on a 50 inch PANASONIC (piece of CRAP) TV?

10 04 2011

I was having an issue with my account as well saying it was temporarily disabled and to contact the Panasonic Sales Support Center. Well there’s no listing on that page, so getting to the exact number was trying….and obviously no way around that lovely automated assistant with any of them. HOWEVER, I actually got transferred to the correct department! The lady was very helpful. I’d call 1-800-211-7262. When she asks what are you calling about, say Panasonic Sales Support Center. She may get to the point asking you what product you’re buying…I just said tv and it ended up working, transferring me to where I needed. Just a little advice. Good luck Panasonic viewers!

3 03 2012

My panasonic 46″ plasma died four months out of warranty. Because I had paid cash and couldn’t produce a proof of purchace they refused to look at my claim. I’ve been loyal to Panasonic since the 1970s. Never again will a Panasonic product enter my house!q

21 06 2012

My Panasonic Viera Plasma 50″ died 5 months out of warranty. I have been trying to work with Panasonic customer service for over a month with no results yet. Before I bought the TV I was told by many that Panasonic makes the best plasmas. Well needless to say I won’t be recommending their products to anyone!!!!!

20 07 2012
below me

psonic sucks balls

18 12 2012

DO NOT BUY ANY PANASONIC PRODUCTS. Their service/tech support dept sucks. I bouught a 50 inch TV and it’s not working. I opened a ticket with them overa month ago and still have not heard from them. I call everyday and am told that someone will call within 24 to 48 hours. That was over a month ago. Unfortunately we can not contact their corporate office.
This is bad. Customer service is what breaks or makes it for a company. I’ll never buy PANASONIC again as long as I live.

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