Time Is A-Flying By

4 12 2007

Is it really December already?? Is it me or is this year moving by at warp speed? I’m still feeling like it should be October and here we are in the holiday rush all over again. The good news is that it’s wintry outside. At least it feels like December.

 Ian and I were in Coudersport over the weekend. Deer hunting is a huge annual event in Pennsylvania, particularly among the Drabick clan. I load up the car with all manner of foodstuffs and materials for too many half-finished projects and, of course, Ian and his hunting gear, and head for the mountains.

My parents’ place is smack-dab in the middle of nowhere…no Internet, rotary dial phone service, spotty wireless service. It’s a fabulous break from the busy routine!

Mom fires up the woodburning stove. I cook, bake, read, sew, nap, watch movies, nap, shop, drink wine, cook, bake, nap….well you get the picture. In this case, more napping is DEFINITELY better. The endless feast takes on a life of its own.

One of the best features is the electric blanket on the bed. Wow, it’s like crawling into your own personal bun warmer.

Besides hunting, one of our favorite passtimes is playing pinochle. Dad can talk some serious trash, which never fails to rile up everyone. We’ve had some unbelieveably spirited, deal-’til-you-drop card games.

And then, reality hits. Suddenly, we’re heading east on Route 80…boo hoo!