Happy New Year

1 01 2008

Wow…where did 2007 go?  Is it really January 1, 2008? And, look it’s been weeks since my last post. But I’m resolved. I will keep up better in 2008!

For the record, here are my 2008 goals. I’m sorry if this sounds cliche, but if I don’t record them now I will forget what they were in 2 months. Then I won’t have any chance of achieving them.

1. Get back in touch with my lost network. When I prepared my Christmas cards this year, it hit me how many people I have in my address book (some have been there for over 15 years) with whom I’ve lost touch. I’m closing in on empty nester status when my child will, hopefully, no longer be the center of my daily life. That’s a gaping void which will need to be filled. Why not reconnect with friends and former co-workers?

2. Connect with new friends. Expand my online presence.

3. Keep writing. Write a book. Become published.

4. Finish up a few partially finished creative projects…stay focused.

5. Organize and catalog my old family photos. Frame the best ones and hang them up!

6. Learn how to use my new Nikon D40X. I want to learn how to take interesting portraits a la Annie Liebowitz and Anne Geddes and begin a collection of portraits of trees.

That should keep me pretty busy. Is it too ambitious? We’ll see…




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