5 01 2008

Have you ever had a Faceaccident? One of my friends had a major Faceaccident when she indavertantly invited all 1000 contacts in her email address book to join Facebook. She didn’t realize that she’d even done this until she started getting replies from people who were thanking her for inviting her to Facebook.

We laughed about that one because ultimately Facebook is more fun with more friends. After all, what’s a social networking tool without a social network? Without that little software trick my friend would not likely be interacting with as many people. But the usability professional in me can’t help but feel a tiny bit outraged by the deceit.

 Then it happened to me yesterday when I indavertantly sent a Funwall post on Facebook not just to the one person I was trying to reach but to a group of people….argh!@!@!! Annoying, embarassing, perhaps, but ultimately harmless, I guess. Still, it would be nice if the folks who write these applications for Facebook could show a little more respect for the user.




One response

7 01 2008

You see? Paranoia has its uses.

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