Legacy of Frisbees, Hula Hoops, and FUN

17 01 2008

All you ultimate lovers, take note…I just saw an article on Yahoo! about Richard Knerr’s passing. He was one of the men who founded the Wham-O toy company which popularized the frisbee and the hula hoop.

 I learned a few interesting things in following the links of this story. Did you know that the frisbee started life as a tin pie plate that college students discovered could be tossed back and forth? Then a building inspector in Los Angeles created the first plastic disc and called it the Pluto Platter. That’s when Knerr and his partner at Wham-O, “Spud” Melin, bought the rights and trademarked the name Frisbee and the rest is history.

 According to the wikipedia, these guys also created the Superball, Silly String, and the Slip ‘N Slide….a legacy of fun.




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