Blasts from the Past

31 01 2008

As is a 16-year old’s wont, Ian was sitting here bored to tears trying to figure out what to do with his free time in the aftermath of his last mid-term this morning. So I asked him to split 3 large logs for me. (One needs a cozy fire when one is watching the upcoming Superbowl.)

The idea of splitting wood brought back to me memories of Monty Python’s Lumberjack Song, which was totally lost on the teenager, but very entertaining for me.

In an effort to get the teen to relate to something I remember to be very funny, I did some digging and, compliments of YouTube…voila…the Lumberjack Song AND the Dead Parrot bit!

 Of course, all this nostalgia was likely triggered because I had lunch today with a friend and former co-worker whom I haven’t seen in close to 10 years…blast from the past!

Where DOES the time go? It was great to catch up, Marty!!!




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