Across the Universe

3 04 2008

Do you like The Beatles? If so watch Across the Universe. My friends have been talking about it since it appeared in theatres. But, with my head down as usual, I plodded on day to day without taking too much notice…until last weekend.

What a creative breath of fresh air is this movie! Julie Taymor reveals her brilliant creativity as the film’s director and co-writer. I had to watch it a second time and watch the special features DVD before I began to more fully appreciate the multi-dimensional metaphors.

The movie takes many of the most familiar Beatles songs and recasts them to tell a tale of the sixties and early seventies from a slightly different perspective.  It’s the music that hit me first. I’m still singing. I sat in an all-day meeting at work yesterday with All You Need Is Love playing and replaying in my head.

Then I began to see the interpretation and how that is so brilliantly brought to life on screen. Not your run-of-the-mill Hollywood production. Check it out when you get a chance.




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