Another Week, Another City

21 06 2008

Seems like I’ve been on the road a lot in the past 6 weeks. Last week, it was Dallas. This week it was Baltimore. It feels good to be home again…facing all these homeowner chores. I still have over 5 cubic yards of mulch waiting to be hauled around my driveway. One of my air conditioning units doesn’t seem to be cooling things down as much as it should, but then I need to change the air filter AFTER I have a few minutes to go buy a new filter. Then there are my projects and my baking…a never ending to-do list. Plus, with the weather being so nice, I want to get out on the golf course and see Shakespeare in the Park and take more photographs and get started on a new book I just bought…so many things, so little time.


OMG I Can’t Believe It

13 06 2008

Tim Russert

Just when you start to relax, something happens to remind you of the fragility of life. I just arrived home from a business trip in Dallas to news that Tim Russert suffered but did not survive a severe heart attack. He was a mere 58 years old.  

Of course, I didn’t know Tim Russert apart from his TV persona. I’m not sure I even “liked” that persona…he seemed something of a bulldog on Meet the Press. But as someone who is a fan of lively debate, I certainly appreciate and admire his guts. And, certainly, Tim Russert seemed to be one of the few journalists who remained unafraid to ask the “tough” questions. As someone who wonders whatever happened to investigative political reporting in the past 8 years, I truly admire that. I think his absense will leave a gaping void.