Hello from Seoul!

30 07 2008

The endless feast goes on and on and on…this time in Seoul, South Korea. We arrived late Friday, July 25 and for 2 days felt totally jet-lagged. But did that stop us from eating? NO WAY!

Our hosts as Seshin Methodist Church have been nothing but generous and gracious. They began feeding us the minute we arrived from the airport. You can see the photos of the Welcome UVUC signs made from gummy bears purchased from none-other-than Costco. We felt right at home.

Our first dinner on Saturday night was at a sushi/korean/italian buffet bar…all you can eat sushi…say what??? Feast it was, and feast we did. The uni was great as was the octopus, squid and sea snails.

Our second dinner was at a traditional Korean restaurant where, as you can see in the photos, we sat on mats at low tables and were served a myriad of traditional dishes. You’ve got your acorn jelly, your seaweed, your re-hydrated shrimp, radishes, mushrooms, jelly fish, octopus, squid, tofu, barbecued pork and beef, and not to mention the kimchis- cabbage kimchi, white kimchi, whole radish kimchi, diced radish kimchi, cucumber kimchi…you can kimchi just about any vegetable as it turns out.

Dr. Kim was our gracious host. He made sure we went back to our apartment with bellies full enough to sleep off the jet lag.


Love, Love, LOVED King Lear

16 07 2008

I just saw a spectacular performance of King Lear at the Shakespeare Theatre of NJ. Does it get better than Daniel Davis’ masterful interpretation of the foolish, mad, tragic king? WOW! It’s as if he transforms and transports himself literally and physically into character. Although I’m no expert, I have seen more than my share of Shakespearean acting that I’ve thought was good or at least good enough to give myself over to the moment and enjoy the presentation. But this performance was mind blowingly great. Daniel Davis’s Lear makes Denzel Washington’s Caesar look like high school…he really was THAT good!

It takes guts to put yourself out there on stage like that…my kind of actor!

In the Air Again…Er, On the Tarmac Again

1 07 2008

Well, being home was only short-lived. I flew to Dallas yesterday morning but was delayed and delayed and delayed. We pushed away from the gate at 6:45am on time, but that was the only thing that went smoothly. After taxiing toward the runway, we waited and waited only to find out that an on-board generator wasn’t working properly. We taxiied back to a gate and waited on the plane for maintenance to bring out a wiring diagram to see if they could isolate the problem…comforting, eh?

Then the pilot tells us that air traffic control in Newark experienced a radar outage. So, even with the generator restored, we had to wait an hour for a slot to take off. So much for being on time for that business meeting!

Just to make us feel great, as we’re still sitting on the same plane at a gate, the pilot tells us that the 8 am flight just took off. Now THAT’S torture! What was he thinking?

All in all I arrived in Dallas 3.5 hours behind schedule. Need I spell out that yesterday was a very long day?

But I’m happy to say I’m back in New Jersey once again. The return flight tonight left Dallas Fort Worth 10 minutes EARLY…will wonders NEVER cease??