In the Air Again…Er, On the Tarmac Again

1 07 2008

Well, being home was only short-lived. I flew to Dallas yesterday morning but was delayed and delayed and delayed. We pushed away from the gate at 6:45am on time, but that was the only thing that went smoothly. After taxiing toward the runway, we waited and waited only to find out that an on-board generator wasn’t working properly. We taxiied back to a gate and waited on the plane for maintenance to bring out a wiring diagram to see if they could isolate the problem…comforting, eh?

Then the pilot tells us that air traffic control in Newark experienced a radar outage. So, even with the generator restored, we had to wait an hour for a slot to take off. So much for being on time for that business meeting!

Just to make us feel great, as we’re still sitting on the same plane at a gate, the pilot tells us that the 8 am flight just took off. Now THAT’S torture! What was he thinking?

All in all I arrived in Dallas 3.5 hours behind schedule. Need I spell out that yesterday was a very long day?

But I’m happy to say I’m back in New Jersey once again. The return flight tonight left Dallas Fort Worth 10 minutes EARLY…will wonders NEVER cease??




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