Love, Love, LOVED King Lear

16 07 2008

I just saw a spectacular performance of King Lear at the Shakespeare Theatre of NJ. Does it get better than Daniel Davis’ masterful interpretation of the foolish, mad, tragic king? WOW! It’s as if he transforms and transports himself literally and physically into character. Although I’m no expert, I have seen more than my share of Shakespearean acting that I’ve thought was good or at least good enough to give myself over to the moment and enjoy the presentation. But this performance was mind blowingly great. Daniel Davis’s Lear makes Denzel Washington’s Caesar look like high school…he really was THAT good!

It takes guts to put yourself out there on stage like that…my kind of actor!




One response

29 04 2009
Donna Reinerth

Hey, I’ma huge fan of Daniel Davis…just curious about who you are and what else you thought of ‘Lear’. Unfortunately I was unable to attend. I’ve regretted that ever since and have been in long search for any copy of it I can put my hands on.

Thanks – D

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