Well, Well, Well…Will Wonders Never Cease?

25 08 2008
Ian August, 2008 


Ian August, 2008


It’s official. Ian has a provisional driver’s license. He passed his road test about an hour ago. I haven’t heard the details yet, because, of course, he’s not home.

The tables are already turned. He called to let me know he passed and immediately proceeded to ask me if I was planning to “go out” tonight. I wasn’t sure what he was asking at first. He had to explain that if I’m not planning to use the car, then he wants to borrow it. Figures! I need to be very busy from now on. Don’t be surprised when I call to see if you’d like to get together.

OR, if someone would like to donate to Ian’s car and insurance fund, I’m sure he’ll be very grateful. Any disused car with trillions of miles will do…it just needs to pass inspection.

Happy Birthday, Ian




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