The Leopard Is ON the Wall

9 09 2008


Leopard on the Wall

Leopard on the Wall

 Ok, admit it. I know you missed me Labor Day weekend. But, I was busy painting this sleeping leopard on the wall of Devon and Taylor’s bedroom. 

It was definitely my most ambitious painting project, ever. My previous foray into painting with acrylics was 15 years ago with a classic Mickey on the wall of one of my bathrooms…a considerably simpler adventure with only 4 colors and no shading. But you know what I say, no guts, no glory!

I admit, I didn’t draw it freehand. I projected a photo on the wall to trace the shape and the relative sizes and locations of some of the spots. But the shading is all mine, well as good as I could get it. 

It took me about 27 hours over the 3-day weekend. And the 8-year olds took turns helping with the tree bark.





One response

18 09 2008

AWESOME! Great job!

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