Ok. I’m Back

12 03 2012

Geez, how long has it been since I posted??? Wow, what happened…I know, Facebook, Twitter…how fast the Internet moves.


Reflecting on the “Once-in-a-Century Credit Tsunami”

23 10 2008

Alan Greenspan is on Capital Hill as I write, testifying before the House Oversight Committee. I’ve been following the story on the NY Times Web site, which they’ve been updating frequently. A half hour ago, their story quoted Greenspan as labeling our current predicament a “once-in-a-century credit tsunami.”

I feel so comforted. Thanks, Al.

And then I started thinking more…it’s bad enough Al is up there predicting high unemployment rates. “Given the financial damage to date, I cannot see how we can avoid a significant rise in layoffs and unemployment,” says he.

We know where that always leads — housing foreclosures, bankruptcies, under and uninsured unhealthy people, homelessness, undereducated, undernourished children, etc. The repercussions seem endless. And, don’t forget, the now shriveled retirement accounts. Even if you did all the right things with your investments, you’re likely looking at having to work much longer than you anticipated, and your so-screwed if you’re already on a fixed income.

Then I thought about the people Tom Brokaw calls “The Greatest Generation.” How must this generation feel now? They were born into the Great Depression, and they may very well end their lives in another. How sad.

I guess that’s why Al called it a “once-in-a-century” credit tsnami. For The Greasted Generation, it’s already twice-in-a-lifetime.

Another Week, Another City

21 06 2008

Seems like I’ve been on the road a lot in the past 6 weeks. Last week, it was Dallas. This week it was Baltimore. It feels good to be home again…facing all these homeowner chores. I still have over 5 cubic yards of mulch waiting to be hauled around my driveway. One of my air conditioning units doesn’t seem to be cooling things down as much as it should, but then I need to change the air filter AFTER I have a few minutes to go buy a new filter. Then there are my projects and my baking…a never ending to-do list. Plus, with the weather being so nice, I want to get out on the golf course and see Shakespeare in the Park and take more photographs and get started on a new book I just bought…so many things, so little time.

Mobile Post

1 04 2008

I’m writing this from my mobile phone to try things out. Bare with me, I’m paving new pathways in my brain.

Waiting for The Joker

9 03 2008

Just read the NY Times article about The Dark Knight. Looks great…I can’t wait to see it.

Snow…At Last!

22 02 2008

Finally, we have a REAL snowfall….not ice or rain or some combination (at least not so far.) It’s just silently snowing in earnest. The trees are loaded with fluffiness that looks like white cotton candy.

 I went out earlier to fill my birdfeeders.  The only things marring the newly fallen snow were the imprints of thousands of bird feet. It’s ironic, isn’t it? I forgot how much time birds actually spend on the ground. 

Here’s one of the female cardinals that was enjoying herself at my bird feeder.

Female Cardinal 

All That Jazz Update

2 02 2008

Steve was able to discover that the track on Tyler’s favorite commerical is an original composition by Chris Beaty and Thad Spencer. More googling reveals that they are film score composers who have worked as part of a team known as Asche and Spencer on the scores of Monster’s Ball and Stay. Here’s some information about Monster’s Ball, which, by the way, counted Heath Ledger among the cast…sigh, so sad.

Asche and Spencer are on iTunes and amazon for the film scores, but I couldn’t find anything with Beaty and Spencer alone.