The Leopard Is ON the Wall

9 09 2008


Leopard on the Wall

Leopard on the Wall

 Ok, admit it. I know you missed me Labor Day weekend. But, I was busy painting this sleeping leopard on the wall of Devon and Taylor’s bedroom. 

It was definitely my most ambitious painting project, ever. My previous foray into painting with acrylics was 15 years ago with a classic Mickey on the wall of one of my bathrooms…a considerably simpler adventure with only 4 colors and no shading. But you know what I say, no guts, no glory!

I admit, I didn’t draw it freehand. I projected a photo on the wall to trace the shape and the relative sizes and locations of some of the spots. But the shading is all mine, well as good as I could get it. 

It took me about 27 hours over the 3-day weekend. And the 8-year olds took turns helping with the tree bark.



Well, Well, Well…Will Wonders Never Cease?

25 08 2008
Ian August, 2008 


Ian August, 2008


It’s official. Ian has a provisional driver’s license. He passed his road test about an hour ago. I haven’t heard the details yet, because, of course, he’s not home.

The tables are already turned. He called to let me know he passed and immediately proceeded to ask me if I was planning to “go out” tonight. I wasn’t sure what he was asking at first. He had to explain that if I’m not planning to use the car, then he wants to borrow it. Figures! I need to be very busy from now on. Don’t be surprised when I call to see if you’d like to get together.

OR, if someone would like to donate to Ian’s car and insurance fund, I’m sure he’ll be very grateful. Any disused car with trillions of miles will do…it just needs to pass inspection.

Happy Birthday, Ian

Too Cute for Words

24 03 2008

Here are my favorite nieces singing Who’s Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf in Spanish. Muy bien, excellente, ninas!

Happy Birthday, Dad!

20 02 2008
Stan’s 69th

Here’s Stan blowing out his birthday candles. He’s now “caught up” to Sally…at least until September when she marks her next milestone.

I actually made him blow them out twice so that I could get a good photo! In this one he looks remarkably Reaganesque, don’t you think?


Time Is A-Flying By

4 12 2007

Is it really December already?? Is it me or is this year moving by at warp speed? I’m still feeling like it should be October and here we are in the holiday rush all over again. The good news is that it’s wintry outside. At least it feels like December.

 Ian and I were in Coudersport over the weekend. Deer hunting is a huge annual event in Pennsylvania, particularly among the Drabick clan. I load up the car with all manner of foodstuffs and materials for too many half-finished projects and, of course, Ian and his hunting gear, and head for the mountains.

My parents’ place is smack-dab in the middle of nowhere…no Internet, rotary dial phone service, spotty wireless service. It’s a fabulous break from the busy routine!

Mom fires up the woodburning stove. I cook, bake, read, sew, nap, watch movies, nap, shop, drink wine, cook, bake, nap….well you get the picture. In this case, more napping is DEFINITELY better. The endless feast takes on a life of its own.

One of the best features is the electric blanket on the bed. Wow, it’s like crawling into your own personal bun warmer.

Besides hunting, one of our favorite passtimes is playing pinochle. Dad can talk some serious trash, which never fails to rile up everyone. We’ve had some unbelieveably spirited, deal-’til-you-drop card games.

And then, reality hits. Suddenly, we’re heading east on Route 80…boo hoo!

We Are Thankful for the Kitties

24 11 2007

choc chip bagelssleep shirtsKitties & Grammy

Here are some twins shots from Thanksgiving. In these photos, they are eating Aunt Denise’s homemade chocolate chip bagels, wearing sleep shirts they made at my house last weekend, and having fun with Grammy. Taylor’s shirt has a red kitty and Devon’s has the blue and purple kitty.

Those peace signs make convenient rabbit ears, don’t they?

Great Party Cat Girls

16 11 2007

Cat Girls

I told you about the birthday here. Well last Saturday was the big party at the playgym in Broomall, PA! This photo was taken at the party after the party. As you can see, we were having SOME fun! Me and the Pretty Kitties with their ever-present cat ears and the real kitty, Samson, posed for the camera.

Sammy is a truly extroverted cat who doesn’t like to miss a thing, anything, ever…no matter how much he is manhandled…and the girls love to jostle him about. Sammy has a sister Ellie, who is quite the introverted cat. We saw hide nor hair of her the whole time we visited.

This weekend, Aunt Denise, is hosting an additional birthday sleepover at her house. Yes, it’s very important to celebrate your birthday for AT LEAST a month! As I write, the Kitties are upstairs asleep with their cat ears atop their heads. Really, how could one possible sleep without them??

 We have tickets to see The Grinch tomorrow in NYC. But, alas, I think the stagehands and theatre producers have thwarted our fun…those grinches!!! We just might end up seeing Bee Movie instead…bzzzz.